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Welcome to Prominent Systems, Inc.
Prominent Systems, Inc. is a corporation that specialized in the complete range of activated carbon. We produce and sell a wide variety of activated carbons for all kinds of applications. Our manufacturing plant are located in Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. Our products lines include coconut shell, bituminous coal base, wood base, and Lignite base Activated Carbon.

We also capable to produce special custom order shapes, compressed blocks, spherical, and irregular shape. Moreover, we have develop various specialty activated carbon to meet customer special requirements.

Prominent Systems Inc started out as a provider to several activated carbon distributors worldwide and not until relatively recent changes in our company strategy, we started to offer direct service to our end user activated carbon customer.

We carry a large inventory of carbon for the treatment of both liquid and vapor phase. We have many different types of carbon available for immediate shipment, including pelletized, granular, and powdered , made out of several different materials such as coconut shell, coal, wood, and Lignite.

To add more service value to our customer, we also carry a complete line of carbon adsorption equipment. Vessels, canisters and panels of all sizes are available for the purification of vapor and liquid phase filtration. In addition to providing of equipments, we also have the capability to do service carbon systems on site (turnkey filter media change out service) includes the removal, replacement , and disposal of the spent carbon.

Prominent Systems, Inc has more than sixteen years experience in the activated carbon industries with strong ties with some of the biggest name in the industry. we consider the quality of our products as our life. We have in place quality monitoring systems to maintain our high standard of quality. Our quality systems are capable to provide our customer with uniform products and reliable data for product analysis. All of this measure translates in lower cost in material and labors management.


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