Custom Solutions for Environmental Purification with Activated Carbon

Prominent Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer that specializes in complete range of Activated Carbon products and Services. We manufacture and distribute wide range of Granular Activated Carbon products for various applications. We have more than sixteen years of experience in Activated Carbon Industry and produce the best quality products and services in the industry.

Prominent Systems was established as a supplier and distributor of Bulk Granular Activated Carbon and emerge into on site Trunkey Media Exchange Services over the years. Prominent Systems offers high quality filter media products and services to assist you with your Environmental Purification needs. Our broad range of Activated Carbon and Filter Media products help serve our customers with reliable source of high quality products with a rapid response time to minimize down time for your adsorption needs.

Our Capabilities

Prominent Systems, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of high quality Activated Carbon Products and have Emerged as one of the Leaders in Filtration Industry.